Charity Chic #4.

1 Oct

Things I missed about England while I was on holiday:

1. Gypsy-Lady

2. Benny

3. Facebook/Twitter

4. Wrestling

5. Charity Shops!!!

So as soon as I got home after I kissed and cuddled both Gypsy and Benny, went through two weeks worth of Facebook and Twitter and caught up on all my wrestling I headed out to the charity shops.

It seems that because I was away lots of great items built up and there they appeared all sat waiting nice and patiently in the various shops waiting for Chantal to come along and give them a brand new home.

On my first trip I dragged Benny with me, normally I feel mega sorry for the boyfriends when their other half makes them come shopping but I’m glad he came along as we had a real good laugh at some of the mega old board games – especially the pristine Blockbusters board game from 1986!

The first charity shop I went in to was… ahhh did you think I was going to tell you then? – they will go to the grave with me. Anyways, I was in the middle of my usual routine, when I came upon this marvelous monstrosity of a dress.


It claims it is a Size 14 but it is more like a size 114! However, with the help of my new dressmaking course that I started last week (more on that later) I shall learn how to take it in to fit my curves and make it a lot shorter as I do love the pattern and the double breast-ness of it. So hopefully in a few weeks time I will have a new vintage, curve hugging dress to add to my all ready bursting at the seams wardrobe.

One shop down, 20 million more to go (it is Stockton after all.) Looking through the rails upon rails of Etam and Evans castoffs I started to think “hmmm could Benny be bringing me bad luck” I sent him off to go look at old video games and suddenly a bit of good luck swang my way when I came across this peach of a dress:


At first I was a bit anxious about it as maybe it was too short but I showed it to TOH and he thought it was great so off I went to the till to buy it for a mere £4.95. Now you may think £4.95 WTF?! – but dear readers, it is brand new as it still had the label on it, and not a boring label like Dorothy Perkins it’s a rather interesting one. Its from Forever 21 (think of an American version of New Look but more fashionable) and was originally $25 so personally I thought I got a good lil’ bargain. I love how modish the dress is and plan to wear it with black tights and black shoes even though my mam and dad want me to go out all 60’s with white tights and orange pumps but I don’t want to be mistaken for going to a fancy dress party.

The next day I went to some more charity shops out of town as one of my favourites is up there but to my avail it was closed 😦 I cried a little tear and went over to the road to the next one when there it was, the item that I have been longing all my life but never knew I wanted – A GRYFFINFOR ROBE!!!


See Benny I told you I wouldn't be in stupid Hufflepuff.

I literally ran inside – to the shock of the poor old woman looking at porcelain figures of cats – asked very politely if I could have it out of the window, tried it on and thankfully it fit perfectly (even if the tag inside claimed it was for an 8-year-old), threw the £10 at the young lass behind the counter, walked out the shop went round the corner and did my little happy dance! Now whether I will wear this amazingness as a dressing robe or as an everyday coat, i’m not totally sure yet but I know for sure that I will wear it everytime I watch the films, read the books, listen to Stephen Fry reading it at me, eating Bertie Botts every flavour beans, while talking about it – in other words I will wear it all the time.

Back to the story, after performing my happy dance (which includes a pirouette) I thought “what if I missed out on some amazing kind of dress Cyndi would wear” so I went back in the shop looking and feeling like a bit of a mong and went through the rails but there was nothing good. I followed my usual path around the shop until I got to the book shelves and started to run my eyes throughout the millions of books just incase somebody decided to give a Wrestling autobiography to a charity shop. And yes they only had done, there it was Rey Mysterio’s latest autobiography which only a mere week before I had almost spent £16.99 on and there it was for £1.99!!!


So all in all I have learnt my lesson, instead of going to all the various charity shops on a weekly basis and not finding much to write home (or a blog) about give it a rest for a week or two then go back and hopefully excellent things will accumulate for me to buy and then go on to never wear/wear to death.


2 Responses to “Charity Chic #4.”

  1. Mel October 8, 2010 at 3:32 am #

    I am so jealous of your lovely gryffindor robe. D=!

  2. Tracey MAMMA Porritt October 11, 2010 at 10:51 am #

    The whole leaving it idea does seem to make sense but to be on the safe side it will be best to A. either really go back to italy in between,OR B.spread a viscous rumour (tianna always a good help with this) and no its not a spelling mistake as Tianna does this regularly without any malice simply because words pop into her head and out of her mouth and she apparently has no control over this,back to the rumour,you are definitely not dressing in your dads clothes wearing stilts to leave your perfect hidey hole in the back of your wardrobe,you are REALLY enjoying (that may be going too far ?) you are really in italy. x

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