Ciao, Ciao.

26 Sep

Hello blogerinis, have you missed me? I have missed you all heaps!

I have been in Italy for the last two weeks (and for the other two weeks i’ve been extremely busy – I apologize) but hey biatches forget all about what you think of Italy and fashion – what they think is OTM is actually incredibly 90s (and not the good 90s ala Clarrisa explains it all) it’s all sickingly shiny puffa jackets and pedal pushers alplenty.

However, as per usual yours truly raked through the rails upon rails of tops that wouldn’t look out of place in Tammy circa 2003 and managed to pick up a few classic items that can live in my wardrobe forever.

The first item I picked up will fit into my fall/winter wardrobe with ease. I bought a beautifully tailored red and white striped shirt which will work perfectly with both the up-and-coming preppy as well as the prim and proper trend.


it looks a lot better on - trust me

The shirt was only €11.95 (about £10) – now don’t get to worried readers you may have choked on your cupcake at the thought of this fashionista paying THAT MUCH for a shirt but it is from Benetton and it was previously €40 so I reckon I got a pretty good bargain.

However, I really have no idea what to wear it with! – I know I want to work the dandy boy look with it tying a large white bow around the collar held together with a disgustingly gaudy broach – but on the bottom half I sadly have no idea at all. Perhaps a classic pair of blue skinnies or a pair of tapered khaki trousers put together with those off-white heeled brogues I desire from Primark.

I also bought 2 new pairs of fancy ankle socks which are still going to be a big trend this season. However, as opposed to everybody else who wilI be wearing them with mini bodycon skirts and tacky caged heels I will be sporting my new pink glittery and black lace socks with one of my many pair of patterned tights and my trusty brown brouges (which are depressingly falling apart – I had to superglue the sole the actual shoe together!! – time to find a new pair I think.) They were originally €5.95 each but were in the sale and I managed to snap them up for a mere €1.95 per pair.


Now here is a little story, I went up to Florence with my family and we were aimlessly wondering around (it must be inherited) the Palazzo Vecchio when my sparkling green eyes were suddenly drawn to the beautiful logos of Chanel. My dad and I walked over, went to walk inside when the security guard basically told us to f*** off. Even though I had my Primark’s best on I’m guessing he could still tell that I had nowhere near enough to buy one of their amazing bags and that I didn’t deserve to go in his prestigious shop.

Now i’m not one for designer knock offs as Mr Jay of ANTM fame told me it seriously damages the fashion industry and well, that’s just plain mean. But when I was stumbling (seriously, those roads in Florence are really hard to walk on) around the market I thought f*** it if i’m not allowed to even go near a Chanel bag i’m going to buy a fake one and when my eyes landed on this beautiful yellow one I knew straight away that I had to have it.


At first the market stall holder wanted €70 for it (IKW?) but being the daughter of a former antiques dealer I managed to get him down to €25.

Yes it might be deliciously tacky but hey i’m a deliciously tacky kind of girl.

I also bought a lot of other things such as a Uraguay Diego Forlan top (I love him) and a pair of fake white hi-top converse – can somebody tell me how to tie them up the ‘cool’ way btw.


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