£40 down to £10 = :D.

26 Aug

So I was just mindlessly walking (yet again) through Topshop in order to get to Topman to find some cool cufflinks (in which they had none.) When I thought “oh, I will walk past the sale rail, yano  just in case anything cool and cheap is there.” I was going through the messy rails wondering out loud why Topshop are charging £15 for a tiny piece of cotton when I came across THE JEANS.

As I said in this blog, I believed the jeans didn’t live up to my expectations as they weren’t tight enough and I looked like a  bit of an emo plus the fact that I only had £17 and they were £20 meant I couldn’t of bought them anyways. However, to my excitement the jeans had been discounted from £40 to £20 to £10. So I thought I might as well try them on again and have another think.

I took them to the changing rooms, squeezed in them and guess what – THEY FITTED PERFECTLY! I think the reason to why these ones fit and the other ones didn’t is because I actually picked out the right waist and leg length this time rather then picking out the wrong size in Newcastle – silly ol’ me.

So now, I finally have the beautiful pink jeans in my clutches but I have no idea what to wear with them, probably something equally as bright and crazy with a bit of leopard skin thrown in to the mix. I think Cyndi Lauper would be proud  of me.


I went back outside and continued going through the sale rails as I had ran to the changing rooms as soon as the pink jeans were in my clutches. Then that thing happened, I came across a cute top, looked at the price and for £8 I thought it was a bargain but then I realized if this top was in Primark and cost £8 I would be outraged and complain to everybody about it – what’s that all about? so I put it back and kept on looking. When I came across an item of clothing that I have been longing for all summer – a pair of skinny combats.

They were only £10 so I was delighted and the fit really nice, although I am slightly confused by the top of the trousers but I will get over it. However, even though they do look like perfectly fine day-time trousers, after trying them on they feel more like trousers you would wear to go on a night out in teamed up with a pair of shoe boots.

The moral of the story is never buy something straight away, always wait a bit to see if it will come down in price and 9 time out of 10 that does happen – well it does for me because I’m one of those annoying bitches who can hunt out a bargain. As JoMo and The Miz used to say BE JEALOUS.


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