Charity Chic #3

22 Aug

As I said before every Friday afternoon I wonder around in Stockton town doing well, nothing. I will go to Boyes and buy some material for something or another, look into the window of McDonalds wishing I hadn’t of already eaten so I could get a large McChicken sandwich meal and if I’m daring enough I’ll walk down that place near Chips where I always get lost.

So the past Friday after doing all of the above I went for a walk around the charity shops, just out of habit tbh seeing as I have bought everything that is decent all ready. But oh boy, was I in for a surprise when I wondered into the first shop on the high street…

As soon as I walked in I spotted an amazing hat which Cyndi Lauper would definitely wear but it was on the highest shelf and unfortunately I am not the same height as Giant Gonzalez so I give is a miss, plus I only had £2 and it cost £3 but I will pop back on Friday with The Great Khali and purchase it then.

I went over to the dresses like I usually do whenever I step into a charity shop and started flicking through the usual out of style Next (well Next is always out of style, but these even more so) and the countless amounts of frumpy Laura Ashley dresses when I came across this beaut of a dress…

And it was only £1.99 so I had the right amount of money and 1p extra for a penny sweet. However, it is a size fricken 22! – thats double me and a bit more but I thought “Hey, I can always take it in.”

I took it to the changing room and tried it on and because it has an elastic waist it moulded its polyester self around my body plus paired up with the thick waist belt I was currently wearing made it all the better. However, the top half of the dress is a bit too baggy so I may have to take a mile of the material out to mould it to my body. But £1.99 for a genuine piece of the 80s – I had to have it!

I then carried on with charity shop expedition trying to spot out any cute dresses when this little green wrap a round grabbed my eyes…

I fell in love with the colour as it matches my eyes and the gold eagles (or w/e bird they are) and it also reminded me of something Samantha would of worn in Bewitched and since she was my idol when growing up I thought I miseawell buy it plus as it is from ASOS and was only £3.99 it would be a crime not to buy it.

I kept on rummaging through the rest of the dresses when I came across the following dress which I have been wanting to buy from Primark for aaages (since last summer, then it came back in this summer) but I could never bring myself around to buying it as it cost £13. So when I seen this dress in the charity shop BNWT for only £3.99 I pulled it out immediately, took it straight to the counter and bought it with a big smile plastered across my face.

I popped into my second favourite charity shop in Stockton (my first one was closed even though it was only 2.30 and it isn’t supposed to close until 3! grr) and started to do my usual rummaging through the rails when I came across one of the if not the key item of clothing for autumn/winter 2010 – a leather skirt…

Well, I say leather what I really mean is pleather. But for £2.49 you can’t fault it – i’m not sure what kind of tops to wear with it and i’m guessing I will wear ankle boots – but not my leopard skin ones, thats a bit too David Bowie for my liking.

So all in all, that was my faboo friday charity shop shopping trip. All I need to do now is to buy THAT hat.

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