Replace the lace.

15 Aug

The other day for a birthday trip I went up to Newcastle with the BFFs to go on a mega shopping trip. Although in the end it wasn’t that mega as I left my cash card in my boyfriends wallet and only had £40 to spend. But in actual fact it all worked out brilliantly in the end as I spent my money on what I needed and didn’t waste any money on what I didn’t need – for once!

After getting lost for quite a while when we exited from the wrong end out of Eldon Square we came across the wonderment that is Primark. This Primark is by far one of the best as it has everything you see in the magazines (which the Boro one never does) and more.

I went in there with promises to myself that I would find those nude brogues I have wanted for since like, forever (well 3 weeks or so) and – this all happened in slow motion with Love Is A Many Splendored Thing playing in the background – I turned the corner into the shoe department, spotted them from a mile off and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, picked them up, did a little spin, gave them a sniff and held them close to my heart.

They are even better then the size 7 ones in the Middlesbrough Primark as the local ones were to shiny and a bit too dark while the new shoe loves of my life are matte, splendidly soft and match my pale skin colour.

HOWEVER, I wasn’t that keen on the thick worm-like laces so I bought a metre of cream ribbon with a gold outline from Boyes and replaced the laces with the pretty ribbon and now they look a lot cuter and unique. Oh and they were only £8 well £8.30 including the ribbon.

Coming down the escalator – which was scary as I got stuck to the side, I kept my face cool though – we went over to the bags and would you believe it but I spotted the little brown satchel that i’ve been hankering for months! In the magazines it looked a bit bigger then it actually is but OMG it is big enough for daily use if I’m going on a little day trip and that never happens because I need to carry a million and one things every day.

It has both the little handle and a long strap as well so I can carry it either way depending on my outfit so yey. Best of all it was a mere £6. Cor, imagine how much it would cost if it was in Topshop *goes to website to check* £38 for this one and it’s kinda ugly plus it’s not even real leather. So yes I am quite pleased, well a lot pleased with my purchase :D.

Next up I went on a hunt for a suitable party dress to wear for my birthday ‘night-out’ (which wasn’t actually a night-out in the end but you know I’m not into that kind of stuff) and I came across the following dress and fell in love immediately.

Long sleeves, mesh, velvet and cut outs = everything I love! Well nearly, the only thing it is lacking is a bit of lace, but I wear a lace top underneath as it’s a bit too revealing for my liking so my lace top covers me up and I can wear a bit of black lace so in all it’s practically perfect in every way. And at £13 it was a right bargain! I will be wearing it with one of my many pairs of crazy ass tights of course.

After leaving Primark we went to the most amazing shopping section in the whole wide world – a 3 floored Topshop and New Look, a Hollister which was more like a night club then a store and the Apple shop in which I fell in love with an iPad. So if you’re ever up in Newcastle pet make sure to go there (it’s in Eldon Square – be sure to pick up a map though.)

Next up was Fenwicks which had everything from Alexa Mulberry bags to Lucky Charms – it is now my favourite shop in the world, even if it is the most expensive shop in the world, but it’s always nice to stare at D&G handbags.

We walked into the food hall and oh boy, I could easily spend my whole student loan in there. Once you step into the light the first thing you see is the most wonderful Cupcake stall! – which made me terribly excited. We all bought the most yummiest, scrummiest cupcakes, went back to the car and gulped the delicious cakes down straight away. Mmmmmmmm.

Suze (strawberry), Bianca (chocolate) and Me (marshmallow) if we were cupcakes :).

Oh and I also bought my boyfriend a lolly with real-life (edible) ants in it – but he said he won’t eat it, but its pretty neat to just stare at it.


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