What would Cyndi Lauper do?

6 Aug


What would Cyndi Lauper do? aka WWCLD? – that is my shopping motto. Whenever I go shopping and I spot an item of clothing those words chime through my head and mostly the answer is always YES! Unless I have to pick something formal or boring like a pair of plain jeans.

So the other day when I was walking mindlessly through New Look, mainly just to get through the other side to get to HMV to go look at wrestling DVDs, I came across this fabulous jump suit and WWCLD? rang through my head and naturally the answer was YES ABSOLUTLY!

Now, to my horror whilst I was picking out a suitable size (it’s only a size 10 even it does look like a size 20-odd) about 3 chavalicious girls were also checking this out and I knew that they wouldn’t be following my mantra. They will probs be pairing it up with something tediously boring like a pair of black flip-flops and gold bangles.

While of course I will be accessorising it up to high heavens. Wide belts, skinny belts all piled on top of each other. All the bracelets I can find in my house, my millions of necklaces and my Bret Hart sandles – they are deliciously pink and have A LOT of fringe on them.

I might even try to pass myself off as Cyndi Lauper’s granddaughter when I’m on holiday – I think it may just work.

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