‘ere mate, are you Alexa Chung?

6 Aug


“Of course I’m not you silly chav.” Well I wish I had said that but instead I just ignored the tracksuit-wearing child and carried on listening and therefore pretending that I’m Roxie in Chicago.

So this is the outfit I wore to my surprise week early birthday party, which wasn’t really a surprise since I was the one who suggested it. My mam kept telling me that I should have dressed more ‘funky’ but what she thinks is funky is terribly disgusting. But perhaps I should have dressed a bit more summery considering it is erm summer and it was a party but ooh well I still loved my outfit even if it didn’t fit the occasion.

Wednesday 4th August.

Shirred waist dress: £2.99 – Charity shop (it is originally from H&M though.)
Clock necklace:
£2 – Car boot sale.
Teacup necklace:
(can see it better in picture below) £2 – Topshop.
Mini briefcase bag: £2.99 – Charity shop (I love this bag it has the perfect space and slots for daily-use and ya’ll know how much I find organisation sexy.)
White love heart tights:
£2 – Primark.
Knee length socks: (pushed down) – No idea! – I just found them in my bag of tights.
Black brogues
: £8 – Primark.

While I was at my ‘surprise’ party I tried on a blonde wig and don’t you think I look absolutely amazing with blonde hair? (let’s ignore the ginger bit) – Perhaps I will attempt this colour next, oh gosh but think of the damage it will cause and my hair is already fucked up enough. Maye I will just buy wigs ala Lady Gaga.


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