Charity Chic #2

4 Aug

While waiting for Primark to open this morning – yes I got into town that early, but only because I get the bus home from my boyfriends when he goes to work, i’m not one of those dorks who go to town early for the sake of it. So I went on a hunt around town for a bacon butty (there wasn’t any) and came across one of my favourite charity shops which was open thankfully (before you ask I am not going to tell you which one it is.)

As usual I went over to the dresses part, because last time I was in here I found a BNWT asymmetrical striped dress from Topshop for only £3.99! But to no avail there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. However, I turned around to go somewhere else or another and there was a whole rail of vintage goodies and all for normal prices! – not sky rocketed prices like some of the other charity shops do and vintage shops especially do! (I ain’t going to pay £24.95 for a skirt, thats been terribly cut-up in to a slutty dress.)

First thing I came across was this wonderful Chanel-esque jacket…

I’m not sure what I will wear it with though, perhaps some skinnys, a plain T and some sort of fancy scarf? – go for the Parisian look, even though the gold blocks do see Italy which is one of the reasons why I bought it as I am 1/2 Italian. The price? – well I will come to that later.

After that I rifled through the rest of the rail and came across an unfortunate maroon floor length dress that I wouldn’t even wear! – so god knows who will – I might go back and get it and use it for material for something or another. I kept on going and stumbled across this cute little polka-dot ensemble…

It may look a bit whooaahh but of course I will be able to pull it off. I can either wear it together or simply wear the vest with a pair of jeans and brogues. But I don’t think I can wear the jacket with anything else other then the vest! The price? – well, don’t judge me here please…

The label on the Chanel-esque jacket claimed it to be £4.99 which I thought to be really bargainous and the polkadot twin-set claimed to be £3.99. So in total the price should of came up to *goes to calculator* £8.98 but the woman behind the till only charged me £6 and yes I did notice and yes I didn’t say anything. Even though I did save £3 I feel a bit guilty as it is charity, so I  might just might go back and give them three quid or spend it on crap from Poundland.


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