My style heroines

2 Aug

Ever since I was little I always dressed a bit out of the norm. As a child my parents dressed me in leather skirts, oversized gaudy jumpers and jazzy waistcoats – actually I currently have all of them items in my wardrobe.

I soo would wear that outfit now.

So looking back on myself at the tender age of 3 I guess I am my own style heroine. Ain’t I a cutie?

Other then little ol’ (or should that be young) me, my biggest style heroine as you can guess by the name of this blog is *drumroll please* Cyndi Lauper!!!

Oh, how I love everything about her. Her big backcombed ginger hair, miles and miles of accessories, clashing patterns and everything far and in between makes Cyndi Lauper my biggest style crush ever.

Plus she was the face of the Rock ‘n’ wrestling era in WWF back in the early 80’s so that just makes her my biggest hero ever!! – why can’t I just be her! – life would be so much easier.

Sticking with the 80’s and wrestling, Miss Elizabeth (r.i.p) is another style heroine of mine. I simply love her endless amount of Peplum dresses, sequins and of course her style and grace. When I grow up and have to start dressing sensibly (booo) I want to be just like Miss Elizabeth with my boyfriend as my own personal Macho Man Randy Savage. OH YEAH DIG IT YEAH!

miss elizabeth wedding Pictures, Images and Photos

my wedding will be exactly like this.

Now, lets leave he 80’s and step into the 90’s. Growing up I used to watch Clarissa Explains it All and I always remember looking at her clothes and thinking eerrghh what a mong. I watched it like in 1999 so I thought everything she was wearing was terribly ‘old-fashioned’ (gosh, how I used to love that term.) Oh how naive I was, looking back at Miss.Darling, her style was perhaps the most amazing thing ever to come out of the 90’s.

WOW! – I would wear everything Clarissa is wearing in the above pictures (bar the stripy tights as they remind me of my mosher days *cringecringecringe*) it’s terribly 90’s and I would get the fowlest looks but I wouldn’t give a dam as I know I looked cool.

Perhaps someday (the dream that i wish will come true) some girl in the future will stumble across this blog and decide for me to be their style heroine.

2 Responses to “My style heroines”

  1. changered at 8:20 am #

    “Perhaps someday (the dream that i wish will come true) some girl in the future will stumble across this blog and decide for me to be their style heroine.”

    This is wayy cute. I love the last line.
    It makes sense and I know some of us already thinking that way.

    Got to love Cyndi Lauper and you =)

    Ruku x

  2. reythehussein at 2:29 pm #

    Clarissa did dress pretty funky, and seeing these pics and following along with your fashion adventures helps me appreciate Miss Darling more!

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