Too-wit Too-woo

1 Aug

So the other day when I was in town mindlessly wandering around waiting for 9.40 so I could go pick up my glasses from the opticians I saw Debenhams and I thought oh I miseawell go in and see if they have anything good downstairs (the downstairs being the cool clothes part.)


At first I walked over to the H for Henry Holland part as there was a sale and I wanted to see if the varsity jacket (all I want in life is a varsity jacket but it is impossible!) that I have been longing for was in the sale and it was! I seen it from a few metres away and got all excited only to find out that it was a size 16!! BOOOO. All the clothes in the sale were BOGOF and I spotted some jeans that I’ve wanted for a while so picked them up immediately and a cute mesh dress that I thought “oh this can be the free one.” I needed to try the jeans on as I’m only short and didn’t want to buy jeans that were too long in the leg – plus they had patches on my knees and I didn’t want the patches to appear on my ankles. But to my dismay there were no changing rooms open or any assistants that I could go “oi, bitch open the changing rooms for me.” So with a heavy heart I put the clothes back on the sale rail.

I wandered over to the Topshop jewellery sale part as I do adore their necklaces etc but can never bring myself to pay £10 for a cute albeit simple necklace. However, to my happiness every piece of jewellery had a £2 sticker on! – well except for some OTT long necklaces that even I wouldn’t be seen dead in and if I wouldn’t be seen dead in something as crazy as that nobody else in the world will.

I spotted some amazing earrings which were owls (see picture at top) and I fell in love with them asap! Now I never have my hair tied up as I look like a 8-year-old boy when I do but I do love to grip my hair to the side. Thus showing off one ear so then with that spare ear out and about I have to put on some crazy sort of earring and I thought these owl earrings would be absolutely perfect. However, now I have one left over earring that has nothing to do, I should have just tried to buy one of them for a £1.

Next up was to look at the mega cute necklaces. At first I pondered on buying one that was a golden heart split in to two pieces that

Shawn Michaels or Slag?

said ‘heartbreaker.’ As it reminded me of HBK (the heartbreak kid aka Shawn Michaels aka one of my favourite wrestlers of all time) but then I thought “yes that would be the meaning to me but to everybody else they might just think I go around breaking people’s hearts and that I’m a slag for doing so” – which I am not, my boyfriend is the only boyfriend I’ve ever had and he stole me at the tender age of 16.

Then I spotted the most adorable teacup necklace that professed “I ♥ TEA” and since I do LOVE a good ol’ cuppa I snapped it up straight away. My BFF has a similar necklace but from Accessorize so let’s just hope we don’t wear it at the same time.

Next up I walked over to the Faith part of the store as it said that the shop was in administration and 70% off everything. However, even at 70% off it wasn’t that cheap, I expected things to be £5 but they were more like £25 – but I’ve never been good at maths.

Anyways, I was peering at the bags seeing if they had any nice drawstring ones and then all of a sudden out popped an amazing crocodile skin-esque patent satchel and I fell on my knees immediately to pick it up and buy it asap. It was £13.50 reduced down from £45 and I thought “cor this is cheap for the wonderfulness that is is.” However, imagine if I had seen it in Primark for £13.50 I would think “that is the most expensive thing ever!” but when it comes to other shop £13.50 for an amazing bag is pretty darn cheap.

I then spotted the most beautiful amazing brogues – OMG I loved them, they were a nude colour with ribbon laces and they were only £13.50! (everything I like seems to be that price.) They were a size 7 and I normally take a size 6 but I do have some shoes which are a 7 so I thought nothing on it when I took them off the shelf to try them on but to my absolute torment they were too big! And not even like “oh I can still pull these off.” So with another heavy heart I placed them back on the shelf (Debenhams likes to break my heart.)

By the time I paid for everything and complained afterwards as she charged £17.50 for the bag when it was £13.50 I realized it was already 9.50am and I my opticians appointment was at 9.40! eeek. I used my good ol’ diabetes excuse and was let off though and didn’t have to wait till a spare place. Yes, as I said before I picked out the most geekiest glasses I could find which are reminiscent of my fashion geek glasses that I love to wear. So now I can look stylish while being able to see in class *woop woop.*

Later on in the day I was called up by the hairdressers that I model for and was told that they needed me to do some sort of Elizabethan hair on me and do a catwalk show. I am the best at catwalk! – I watch far to much top model so I live by whatever Miss. Jay says and all those years of ballet and drama have just made me amazing – I always get to open up the shows ;).

Eat your heart out Queen Elizabeth I!

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