Charity Chic #1

1 Aug

Every Friday afternoon after I leave my boyfriend from meeting him for lunch up in Stockton I walk into the town centre and go on a major hunt through Stockton’s charity shops – in which they have a million! Some good (which I will get to later) and some bad – now, I’ve always been shopping in charity shops since I was a child (we were poor – we couldn’t afford 5p for biscuits!) so I’m not one of those girls who jumped on the bandwagon and i’ve noticed some major differences over the years.

Charity shops now price clothes accordingly to what they are or where they are from. For example: if something is from Topshop even if its fug and from years and years ago they will price it at £4.95 while a few years ago everything in a charity shop was £2 or under even if was designer! Plus, with all these pretentious vintage shops popping up everywhere they always get the good things first – I’ve spotted it with my own eyes grrr.

But I have scooped out the best charity shops which are all hidden from the high street and have no idea on how to price their clothes. I would tell you where they are but then I would have to kill you.

Anyways, once I got into town I went to my favourite charity shop and rummaged around for something deliciously vintage. After rummaging through about 3 rails packed to the brim I came across a wonderful black little waistcoat and best thing was it was only £1! Because it’s black with a cute pattern on I can wear this with most of my clothes as it will match and add that little something something. I may not be able to close it as my chest is a bit too big for it (yes my chest is too big, never thought that would happen!) but you wouldn’t wear it closed anyways so it’s all good in the hood.

Next up I got the bus up to somewhere and went to my third favourite charity shop. After rummaging through the women’s clothes in which I found nothing I particularly liked I walked over to the men’s part just in case there were some vintage wrestling t-shirts but via the men’s rack I had to walk past the kids clothing and this wonderful scouts shirt complete with badges for fire safety and the outdoor challenge – this boy who had it previous wasn’t that much of scout tbh.

I went and tried it on and it fit! – which I’m pretty proud of since it should belong on a 10-year-old boys body not a 20-year-old girls. However, I’m not sure of what to wear it with so suggestions please!

I looked at the price and it said £4.50 at first I was outraged but then I realized that it’s awfully unique and nobody else will be wearing it so that levelled the price out. I went to the till to buy it and the bloke behind the counter told me everything in the shop was BOGOF! – Oh I was pleased as punch. I ran back to the women’s rail thinking there MUST be something else that I like and then I stumbled across this little lace black dress from Warehouse. Yes I know I have countless amounts of LLBD but for the price of well nothing I couldn’t resist.

So all in all for the mere price of £5.50 I got a cute waistcoat, a scouts shirt and a LLBD – some people would spend that on 2 WKD’s or whatever people drink these days and I managed to get 3 new pieces of clothing! – all in a days work.


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