Charm you way into my <3

28 Jul

Oh how I love charm bracelets – they just intrigue me and they look ever so pretty. The one above was cheap (well not for but for everybody else) but it gives off a unique vintagey look and I do try and wear it as much as I can but it’s not possible as I can never ever tie it together and plus it makes too much noise so I just look at it every now and then and fall a bit more in love with it.

Anyways… I wore this outfit yesterday to go over to my boyfriends house for a chill session in which we watched wrestling, played lego harry potter and cuddled – I love those kinda days.

Tuesday 27th July.

Now this will come as a shock to you all but L&G I am H2T in Topshop! OMFG I KNOW RIGHT?! (well apart from a few things.)

Studded grey leather coat – Topshop: £30
Nude zebra pattern top – Topshop: £15
Jamie jeans – Topshop: £32
Ballet slippers – Topshop: £16
Paul’s Boutique bag – Christmas present from my boyfriend 😀 – I love him ever so much
Pearl bracelets&Gold watch – as before
Charm bracelet – Accessorize: £12
Nude coloured Chanel-esque hairband (which my mam keeps thinking is a necklace) – Primark: £1.50
‘Raybans’ – Primark: £1
Daisy hairgrip – eerrmm I can’t remember!

A few notes about this outfit…

I originally had on a plain black cardigan with this outfit which I wasn’t pleased about as I looked a bit plain Jane but then I remembered that I would be walking about a mile home at 9am in the morning so I thought “I better wear something warmer.” I reached for my grey leather jacket whipped it on and what a transformation – plain Jane into a whole new person. The leather jacket made me feel ‘rockier’ and a whole lot better. Strange how one simple thing can change your whole outfit and personality.

Another strange thing about this leather jacket is that I bought it in a Topshop sale for £30 which I thought was a bit of a bargain as its perfectly ideal. About 2 months later I was just aimlessly looking through and I came across this jacket and it was £70! I was like wtf?! – what’s that all about. So i’m glad I paid over half price for it 2 months earlier :D.

OMG those ballet slippers how I love them ever so much! Ever since Amy Winehouse wandered out into the streets of Camden wearing satin ballet shoes I wanted a pair ever so much. I saw these in Topshop one evening after uni and I ran to them, picked my size out, ran to the cashier and bought them straight away without a second thought. I slipped them on when I came home and all these memories of my years and years of ballet came rushing back (some good, some not so good) and all of a sudden I was on my feet pirouetting all around my room.

Because I love them ever so much I wear them all the time basically and well they are really shabby now but that just adds to the look – I was a poor child thus all my ballet shoes were second hand and the scruffy look these shoes have garnered over the past few months just make me love them even more. One tip though – don’t ever wear these to the beach, the sand doesn’t come out for weeks!


One Response to “Charm you way into my <3”

  1. changered July 28, 2010 at 7:59 pm #

    I was wondering how to not look plain Jane with my cardigan- going to buy a leather jacket- this instant!

    Ruku x

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