Satchel <3

21 Jul

After months and months of trying to find a nice cheap satchel – I even considered buying one of ASOS for £28! – I finally found one.

Of course, the high street failed me again, magazines promised me beautiful cheapish satchels in both Primark and Peacocks yet I went in twice a week and to no avail they appeared.

So through my usual weekly charity shop hunt how happy I was to finally come across a satchel, the price? – £2.50!

It may not be in the tan colour that I prolonged for, but for £2.50 I can’t complain, plus this bag will match most of my outfits rather than just one so yippee!

The best thing about my new bag is that it has plenty of sections! and how I love sections, it even has a specific place for my pens and notepad and as a journalist those are my key items (along with insulin of course.)

organisation = sexy

However, I decided that the front of the satchel was a bit plain for lil’ ol’ me so I decided to add a few broaches and I thought it would be simple enough to pin them on but oh no no no. It was perhaps the most difficult thing ever! the amount of bent pins, holes in the bag and the levels of anger this once thought simple task brought to me was unreal! But in the end it all worked out and while it may not of turned out exactly the way I wanted it too I think it still looks pretty fetch.

Heart broach – Primark: £2
Diva broach (as in WWE diva not Mariah Carey type) – Scope (brand new): £2
Mask broach – my mothers drawer: free – as long as I don’t break it *yikes*


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