Fashionista ways…

19 Jul

I would describe my fashion style as well I don’t think it exactly has a name. If the term ‘indie’ was actually used as it should be I would describe myself as that i.e: independent. But unfortunately all those indie little bitches and bitch boys that you see about are all the exact same.

Whereas myself I am my own little person in a huge big world, I wear whatever I want to wear and normally when I think something matches and looks good in most cases people think otherwise. But hey, I don’t care as long as I don’t look like the every other person on the street I’m happy.

I change my style every day and I never get caught in the same outfit twice in one month (unless it’s my jim-jams.) One day I’m wearing a little lace black dress and go all sexy goth on you and then I’m wearing floral 50’s vintage dresses and ribbons galore then the next day I’m wearing an oversized sheep patterned jumper with a micro denim hot pink skirt and leopard skin boots.

Yes, I shop religiously at Primark like every other girl but I scoop out the leftovers that everybody else doesn’t want and normally my outfits don’t cost more than £20 (including the shoes) unless its student loan day then I might treat myself to a pair of jeans from Topshop.

However, I’m addicted to handbags so I don’t mind spending a fair bit on them – well I will ask my boyfriend to buy me one as a present. My eyes are currently on a Barbie Pauls Boutique bag and it’s my 21st coming up soo *crosses fingers.*

Of course the places where I shop most are charity shops and the scruffier and older the label the better outfit – C&A is always a good label to look out for when you want the most random and crazy clothes courtesy from the good ol’ 90s.

However, unusually one thing that I do hate are vintage shops for their overpriced clothes which I can easily find in a charity shop on my own for 1/100th of the price so they are a big no-no from me – unless I spot a £5 rail sale then I’m straight in there.

My go to safe outfit would be mini black lace dress, patterned floral crazy tights, shabby fantasy fur coat, brown brogues, geek glasses, a bjillion necklaces and bracelets and of course my signature pink lipstick.

So to sum up my fashion ways and woes in three words: cute, shabby and interesting.


One Response to “Fashionista ways…”

  1. changered July 19, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

    Haha, I found you really interesting. Thank God I came across this blog. The blog world was getting a little boring. But I think we are saved.

    I relate to your fashion style- a new person each day.
    Loves it x

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